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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to order a company registration report (extract). How do i proceed?

A: You can search in our database to find whether the company is listed. Once you find the target company, you simply add the required service to your cart and follow instructions for online payment.


Q: In which language and format are your company registration reports?

A: All our company registration reports are in English and provided only by email in Microsoft Word format.


Q: I want to find out  the VAT registration number for a Cyprus Company?

A: This information is not included in the Cyprus Companies Registry and is not in the public domain. Unfortunately we cannot assist at all.


Q: How can i verify that the VAT number of a Cyprus company is correct and valid?

A: If you already have a VAT number, you can validate and verify any VAT number directly at the VIES website


Q: Is it possible to search whether any specific person is either a shareholder or director in any Cyprus registered company (directorship and shareholding search)?

A: Currently it is absolutely impossible to publicly search for directorships or shareholding interests. You must know the name of a specific company in order to check who are the current and past directors and shareholders, but not vice versa.


 Q: We have purchased a company registration report and the listed shareholder is a trustee / nominee company. How can I find out who is hiding behind this trustee / nominee structure?

A:  Our reports include the publicly registered declared shareholders, contained within the specific company’s file at the Cyprus Companies Registry (either the current listed shareholders or previous historical shareholders, depending on the type of report purchased). The identity of any possible beneficial shareholders is not publicly disclosed in the Cyprus Companies Registry, and thus it is impossible for us to know or assist at all.


Q: How can I find the contact telephone number, fax or email of a Cyprus registered company? Is this information contained in your company registration reports?

A: Cyprus registered companies are not required to publicly disclose at the Cyprus Companies Registry their contact telephone, fax or email, and thus this information is not included in our reports.


 Q: Can you assist in providing the telephone number of a Cyprus registered company?

A: This information is unknown to us, but you can check directly whether a company has any publicly available telephone listing at the CYTA Yellow-White pages.


Q: I'm trying to trace a company, but i cannot find it in your database.

A: You can search in our database to find whether the company is registered in Cyprus, either by name, registration number or registration date.  Searching by name is case sensitive, and unless you type the correct spelled registered name of a company, there is a strong possibility that the intended target company will not be traced. We can gladly provide assistance and verify / investigate  the results by contacting us


Q: Are the actual original Company files at the Cyprus Companies Registry in English?

A: No, all company documents and filings are in the Greek language. We accurately translate in English, and provide all requested company registration reports only in English.


Q: Is it possible to receive a scan or photocopy of the actual company file stored at the Official Companies Registry?

A: We can provide a photocopy / scan of the whole file. Just choose this option in the available services, after you have successfully traced the target company in our database.


Q: Are you the Official Companies House in Cyprus?

A: No, we are a private company and do not act on behalf or for the Official Companies Registrar in Cyprus.


Q:  I'm 100% certain that a company is registered in Cyprus, the spelling i use is correct but still i cannot trace it in your online database. Why?

A: We can verify and double check your info against the registry database, without any cost, by contacting us 


Q: Can you research if a company is registered and provide relevant registration reports in the Turkish controlled area of Cyprus (North Cyprus)?

A: No. We can only provide our services in the Internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus.


Q:  I require a company financial report (audited accounts) and / or a company's credit report and / or financial statement.

A: We cannot provide such information, because the vast majority of Cyprus registered companies do not bother to regularly & publicly submit their annual reports / annual accounts at the Companies Registrar. Only PLC (public) companies are obliged by law to annually publicly submit their financial report / statements. In theory, but not in practice, there is a legal requirement that Limited (Ltd) companies must also publicly submit annually at the Registry, but in practice this is not the case; this law is not strictly enforced at all, and the penalty for no or late submittal is negligible. In addition, there is no credit rating agency, that operates in Cyprus and can provide such information (unless they approach a target company, and the target company willingly provides such information, but again there is absolutely no way to verify whether the provided information is accurate and true). Furthermore, there is no publicly available access to banking or any other financial information. The only publicly available information relates to bankruptcies and issuers of bad checks. If however, a company has filed their audited accounts at the companies registry, then we can assist and provide a copy.


Q: Which payment methods you accept?

A:  You can opt to pay for your required services, using any credit / debit card or via the the trusted and secure payment platforms of PayPal and Skrill-Moneybookers.  Alternatively, you can opt to order online, paying via a Bank Transfer. 


Q: Why i have to pay 19% VAT tax?

A:  If you are located within the European Union, by law we have to charge 19% VAT. If you are an EU registered company with a valid and verified VAT registration number, then the VAT amount will not be calculated, and will be paid from your end. For all the other countries outside the EU zone, no VAT tax is charged.  the other call the other countriesamount will not be hththe  


Q: What is the actual difference between a latest valid registration records report (extract) and a full history registration report (extract)?

A: The latest valid records report is more or less like a snapshot of what is currently valid, and includes the following information: registration number, registration date, registered address, nominal and issued share capital, shareholders, directors, secretary and whether there are any registered financial burdens. The full history registration report includes all the above, plus the lawyer who registered the company, the address and name of the local management team who filed the last documents, and all (if any!) the registered changes since registration until today, like for example; the appointments / resignations of directors, transfer of shares, increase / decrease of share capital, change of registered address, change of company secretary, plus a photo of the company's file cover! You can download and review sample reports by clicking here  


Q: If we order a company registration report, does the company gets notified in any way that we have ordered such a report?

A: The answer is, No. The Cyprus Companies Registry files are available for public inspection by anyone, and the target company is never aware how many times and who requested to inspect their company registry file. Furthermore, we respect your privacy 100% and your contact details and orders history are secured by utmost confidentiality.


Q: I am not 100% satisfied as i ordered a full history registration report and there are no registered changes listed. Why?

A: It is impossible for us to know before we actually inspect a company's file whether there are any registered changes (either zero, 1 change or even 100 registered changes in the relevant company's file). Sometimes, recently registered companies tend to have fewer or no registered changes, but still there is no guarantee that this will be the case in the specific company you have requested. Whatever is listed in the relevant company's file, we accurately report.


Q: Do you offer any volume discounts? Loyalty Schemes?

A: All online orders with a minimum subtotal of €750 are automatically discounted by 15%. Furthermore, all online purchases earn Loyalty Points  (for every €100 you earn 10 points and each point has a value of €0.30. When a minimum of 200 points are earned, then these can eventually be redeemed towards future purchases from our website (points can be redeemed online towards purchasing new products / services and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other monetary value!)


Q: I have some questions, and i prefer to speak with you over the phone. Is it possible?

A: Email support is faster and preferred. We aim to answer within 24 hrs  (Monday-Friday, between the hours of 09:00-18:00 GMT+2). However you can still speak us over the phone if you prefer, by using the free callback service. Alternatively, please email us with your contact details, and we will call you back without any cost to you.







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