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Available Company Registration Reports & Differences

Date: 2011-05-27

Cyprus-Data.com offers two types of Company registration reports for all companies registered in Cyprus (applicable for Ltd companies and not for PLC). The actual difference between the latest valid registration records report and a full history registration report can be reviewed below:


The latest valid records report is more or less like a snapshot of what is currently valid and registered in the specific company's file, and includes the following information: registration number, registration date, registered address, nominal and issued share capital, the shareholders and their number of shares,  company directors, company secretary and whether there are any registered financial burdens.  Important Note: Dated 1/6/2011 onwards, all latest valid registered records reports will not include  the date of birth and ID/Passport Number of individual directors / shareholders /secretary,  and neither registration number for Companies. who are listed as Directors / Shareholders /Secretary. This is due to a change in the local Companies Registry data flow.


The full history registration report includes all the above, plus the lawyer who registered the company, the address and name of the local management team who filed the last documents, and all (if any!) the registered changes since registration of the company until today, like for example; all the the appointments / resignations of company directors, transfer of shares, increase / decrease of share capital, change of registered address, change of company secretary, amendments to the Company's Memorandum, etc. You can download and compare sample reports here


Cyprus-Data.com is the most Reliable Source of Information concerning Cyprus registered companies. By visiting our website, you can find out whether any company is registered in Cyprus,; either by researching by name, by registration number or by registration date. You can also order online Cyprus company registration reports (either the latest valid registered records, or a full history registration records report indicating all recorded data in the specific company's file since registration until today), as well as and Cyprus registered company Official Certificates issued by the Cyprus Companies Registry (Eforos Eterion).



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